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Entrepreneurship is a Dynamic Process of Vision, Change & Creation towards Creating new IDEA and CREATIVE Solutions.


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We offer various Programs, Trainings, Skills, Information & Services that will be helpful in developing businesses, professions and individuals of all level.   


Whether you have been thinking of adding more skills to promote your Business, Career or Company in any aspect,

Then this is the right home for all you need to achieve your business goals and mission!…     


Side Hustles you can do to make money Even as a Student

You do not have to wait for monthly paycheck/salary, here, we will show you different ways by which you can earn a steady income from side hustles online.

We will be sharing with you some helpful tips & insights on how you can make Money alongside with your jobs or Academics….


READERS ARE LEADERS!, Read Books that will Help you step ahead in your business.

We will be sharing with you both free and paid Books that can improve your financial literacy and help you grow your business.


Taking part in this Course, The Participant will understand the key element and Principles related to Entrepreneurship and Leadership through various seminars, programs and Trainings…..


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Get your perfect design, Marketing videos, Web design, app design- or any digital services of different categories! Whatever your business need or budget, we’ll help get it done.

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Our Team, Our Greatest Asset!

Ajayi Goodness

Founder (Digital Marketer)

Goodness manage the affairs of the Organization. He drives the work of others in order to operate efficiently and to achieve the Organisation’s aims. He works mainly as a Digital Marketer and he has passion in Impacting lives. He is willing to accept constructive criticism from Staffs and develop social skills. Goodness is confident, organized, honest and is able to make good decisions.

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Our vision/mission

About Us

At creativemindea, Our main aim and mission centers on how we can bring out the Entrepreneurial spirit, innovative idea and creative mindset in people to help achieve their business & life’s goal.

We provide various programs, digital skill & Services, latest information and developments that are of great value.

Our trainers are experts in what they do and they have been through rigorous checks. All our courses are constantly being updated ensuring feedbacks and improvement are made.

Each courses are designed to deliver educational and exceptional experience for individuals, professionals, brands and businesses of all kinds.


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