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Have you ever wondered why it seems impossible for leaders to keep up with their followers expectation thereby breaching followers trust in them? Then this write up is for you.

A leader can be a Society, political, religion, Association or in any other form. Before there can be a Leader, there must definitely be followers who are expecting something tangible in return.

For a leader to be regarded as a successful one, he must have satisfied the quests of his followers, by representing them dutifully and working up to their expectations.

The reason for a leader’s failure is unlimited but we’ll be discussing few of them here and the Last point is mostly important:

This is one of the major causes of a leader’s failure. Greed is the excessive desire to acquire or posses more than one deserves. A lot of people fails as a leader because they tend to forget what their priority should be and thereby aiming to accumulate more than necessary.

A greedy person sees him/herself first, they become blind to other people’s needs, they become selfish and uncaring because what they are after is their own well being.

As a leader, you have a duty that is beyond you alone, you have an obligation to make your followers and those behind proud of you, never allow greed to have a place in your heart if you hope to be a successful leader.

  1. Inacountability :
    This means neglecting ones responsibilities, not being accountable and accounted for, living inexplainable and being irresponsible.
    It’s no gainsaying to say today, alot of people in leadership are acting irrationally because they are in control of power, they allow pride and Ego to overshadow them which consequently overthrows most Leaders and definitely lead to their downfall.

A leader that is not accountable to his followers has already failed as a leader.
To be a successful leader, you always have to take full responsibility for your actions, learn not to blame others for your mistakes, you have to carry along your followers and give them room to praise you.

  1. Lack of perseverance. Have you ever thought or imagined if Leaders are born?. The answer is NO!. Those great leaders you see today are once a failure but the never gave failure a chance because they always persevere and Never give up. You may fall in your leadership journey but DO NOT FALL TO FAIL TOTALLY BUT FALL TO PREVAIL. Patience, coupled with tenancity will definitely help you as a leader in achieving your desired goals
  2. Lack of Love: This is the most important aspect of all. When you love your followers as a leader, you tend to put them first and will always be true to your words.
    A LEADER THAT TRULY LOVES HIS FOLLOWERS CAN NEVER BE A FAILURE. A leader who truly loves his followers will also be loved and respected in return.

Are you planning on becoming a leader? Do you want to be a successful leader? Are you hoping to become the best and the most loved? Then, you have to be wary of the aforementioned factors. Do not be greedy, Always be accountable for your actions and stop giving excuses, Learn patience and Perseverance and Lastly, Love your Followers As all these will help you through your leadership journey.

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